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  • Property Development Finance
  • Construction Funding
  • Land Bank Finance 
  • Joint Venture Arrangements 
  • Residual Stock 
  • Shortfall finance 

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Cost of funds

North Capital works with a range of private funds to ensure that your project has the right funding partner. Fee’s and Rates will range between each fund and depend on the risks of each project. North Capital can provide a clear indicative quote for your project ensuring that the projects feasibility schedule counts for these costs. 




What can be funded  




Property development can be a treacherous road so North Capital works with a wide range of managed funds and private lenders who each have their own policies. By consulting with us we will be able to find the fund that meets your needs.




  • Land banking up to 65% of the “as is” value 
  • Construction costs up to 100% of the total cost 
  • Site Acquisition up to 80% of the “as is” value (DA required) 
  • Full project funding up to 75% GRV 
  • Residual Stock Funding up to 75%




Suitable Locations 

North Capital will look at all areas of Australia, we have assisted clients in QLD, VIC, NSW, SA & WA. Areas such as rural and non-metro may require a more significant developer contribution however if the feasibility and valuation work out however we are happy to look into the project and provide a range of options. 

Required Documents & Information:

To allow us to assess a project and its merits we will need to see some of the following. This will provide us with all the information required to submit a initial proposal to any potential investors. If some of these items are not available for any reason, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team to discuss. 

  • Feasibility schedule
  • DA – please provide the Development approval along with Council comments
  • List of involved parties: Builders, Project management, investors and other key parties
  • Project Legal structure – Corporate entity, Trust, Directors
  • Borrowing entity – Corporate entity, Trust, Directors
  • How funding is required? – Progressive payments, stages, stage timeframes
  • Site & Project Valuation: (If available)

Broadbeach Development - $480,000,000

Adelaide House and Land Development - $4,900,000

Herston Apartment Development - $6,200,000

Maroochydore Luxury Apartments - $11,500,000

Robina Residential Apartments - $22,000,000

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