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Business Purchase

Are you looking to purchase a business, franchise or buying into a business?

A business purchase can be daunting, so here are some tips to think about before moving forward.

1.  What is your financial position? – North Capital will assess your financial position to ensure that you are ready to apply for finance and operate the business. North Capital will meet with you to discuss what equity you have available and from this will provide a borrowing capacity without the need to step foot in a bank.

2.  What due diligence is required before making a move? – North Capital can put you in touch with legal and financial experts to provide qualified advice regarding the acquisition which ensures the business is the one for you and is a worth while investment.

3.  Registration of a new entity –  North Capital can assist with the establishment of a new entity to take control of the acquisition, this may include the establishment of trusts and corporate bodies.

4. Finally North Capital will look into the financing of the acquisition and ensure that you obtain finance that meets your and your new businesses needs.


North Capital has an array of banks and non-bank lenders that we can utilise ensuring that the terms meet with your business plan. Whether you are looking for fixed monthly payments or flexibility.

Throughout the process we will work with you to provide a debt plan which guides you through the lending process and ensures that the business uses the debt wisely.

If buying or selling a business, knowing what needs to be done is the first step. We would always recommend engaging a business lawyer or Commercial Solicitor to act on your behalf however business transaction checklist will give you a good idea on what to look out for in the initial stages. 

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