Highly recommend this absolutely fantastic company. They were nothing but helpful from start to finish.

Fantastic to work with; very professional and friendly. Nothing was too much and not once got frustrated with all the questions and requests we were asking.

Amazed by the Professionalism, Communication, Expertise, Proactive, Approachable & Honest behavior of your personnel. Fees were very reasonable. Thanks and very happy to be your client.

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Just found the finance guru we have been looking for. Andrew is amazing. Andrew has helped us get finance for a vehicle and we are back again. Super impressed with Andrews dedication and skills. Thanks.

Areas of Practice

At North Capital Finance, we can assist you with all of your finance needs


  • Business loans;
  • Asset and Equipment Finance;
  • Trade Finance;
  • Specialised industry finance;
  • Business finance restructures;
  • Commercial Finance advice;
  • Various other dealings relating to property finance, including home lending and development lending.

Business Loans

North Capital can assist you and your business achieve finance such as capital raising and property purchases.

These services include:

  • Pre-Finance  Review:
    Our team will review your business and its future needs prior to application to ensure that we have tailored the right package for your business. This personalised service will provide crucial information to ensure the facilities are in your best interests, as well as allowing you to ask any questions you may have about unfamiliar process.
  • The application Process:
    Once our team has discussed your needs, we will provide you will a detailed list of documentation that will be required for the application to be successful, depending on the structure that has been advised we may require more or less documentation. You can rest assured that we will handle the process with professionalism and efficiency, keeping you informed every step of the way. Our initial contact with you will outline the steps involved in the transaction.

Asset & Equipment Finance 

We offer a variety of options for financing your next vehicle or piece of equipment.

These services include:

  • Pre-Finance consultation: Our team will discuss with you the needs of your business and what the equipment will be used for and its projected life expectancy within the business. By doing this we can assess how the facility needs to be structured. Whether predictability of repayments or flexibility is your requirement we will ensure it fits your business model.
  • Application: Once we have confirmed your businesses needs, we will begin the application and assure a quick turnaround with finance being available in some cases same day. We know your business doesn’t slow down so why would we.

Trade Finance 

If your business imports or exports goods overseas or high value goods in Australia, trade finance is something you need to look at to maximise working capital reducing cash flow gaps.

  • Trade Finance Consultation: North Capital will work with you to see whether Trade Finance would suit your businesses needs. By looking at the businesses working capital cycle and calculating the cash flow gaps that importation and exportation of goods can create, we can precisely measure the type of facility needed and its limit working in potential growth to allow for any future limit increases.
  • Application: Trade Finance can be a high risk for the financier, this means that the application process is very in depth and will require detailed financial information and historical figures to minimise the risk for the funding institution. This is where North Capital Finance steps in. We will take all the hard work to ensure that a precise analysis of the business is provided to the financier.

Construction & Development Finance

How we can assist:

North Capital can provide funding for your next renovation, Build or Development. With many major banks stepping back from this area of finance, North Capital can discuss with you other options to fund. We can access a multitude of private funds and managed investment schemes to access funding for residential property, commercial property and construction. 

Consultation: Our team will look at what stage you are at in your planning, whether the land is yet to be purchased or if you are ready to break ground, We will discuss the requirements needed to fund your project in a time frame that ensures no lost time or money.



How we help:

North Capital Finance is the one stop shop for all of your commercial Banking a Finance needs. We have over 10 years experience within the financial field and can provide businesses with a network of professional support from accountants, planners and solicitors. North Capital Finance will partner with businesses in a way no other finance company can.

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